Power BI Jumpstart

Is your organisation new to Power BI? NZ Software have special offers to get you up-to-speed quickly. We will take an existing report or dashboard, set up everything you need in your own environment in a premium licensing model then translate it to Power BI reports & dashboards and teach your team Power BI, so they can create more and share insights broadly.

Power BI is an online service, with connection to other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, that helps you transform, analyze, and visualize data quickly and easily. Through the use of Power BI dashboards, rich visualizations and interactive reports, your company will make better decisions in less time, and with less effort.

High Level Overview!

At its core, Power BI is a service to aggregate business data from multiple sources into one location where it can be modeled and built into visualizations to help businesses make better decisions.

When you first login into Power BI, you will see a blank screen because there is no content in the service. You need to provide the necessary data to create the visualizations. The top-level concept in Power BI are Dashboards. There are multiple dashboards, reports, and data sets included by default with the Power BI service. Each dashboard includes multiple tiles, and each tile is linked to a specific report on the back-end. Each report is created from a specific data set. Each data set is either a connection or a bridge to another database, or a set of data cached or stored within the Power BI Service itself and refreshed on some regular cadence.

Reports can only be linked to one data set, but a data set can be linked to multiple reports. Reports can be linked to multiple different dashboards depending on the visualizations and analysis required.

There is a desktop application that enables connections to multiple different data sources, and provides the ability to model and enrich the data through charts and other visualizations to make the data more accessible and understandable.

There are mobile applications to ensure you can track your data on the go. For those who wish to augment Power BI functionality, Microsoft has provided programmatic ways to interact with Power BI to extend functionality to suit specific needs.

With the ability to connect to over tons data sources, including Microsoft and 3rd party data categories, Power BI provides rich functionality for your data analysis needs.