Business Intelligence

What is POWER BI?

Power BI transforms your company’s data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters to you.

Power BI is suit of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights. Monitor your business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards available on every device.

Power BI for Office 365 brings self-service Business Intelligence (BI) and cloud solutions to everyday business users. It is implemented through the familiar tool they already use – Excel. Power BI thus enables businesses to gain deeper business insights from their on-premises and cloud data. It is done within Excel and Office 365. Easily search, discover and create stunning interactive visualizations that uncover hidden information that can help your business thrive.


01. Power BI Jumpstart

Is your organisation new to Power BI? NZ Software have special offers to get you up-to-speed quickly. We will take an existing report or dashboard, set up everything you need in your own environment in a premium licensing model then translate it to Power BI reports & dashboards and teach your team Power BI, so they can create more and share insights broadly.

02. Power BI Dashboard

NZ Software focuses on delivering decision-ready data to its enterprise customers by becoming expert in Microsoft data platform products. An example being Power BI. As a front runner in the adoption of the latest release of Power BI and trusted partner to Microsoft, we specialize in analyzing your data, determining compelling use cases and lighting up immersive, high-value Power BI dashboard in just weeks, not months.

03. Cloud & Big Data Solutions

Modern data problems often involve keeping track of Terabytes to even Petabytes of data. NZ Software uses distributed big data and cloud technologies to capture your data. There are tools like Azure Event Hub and Azure Stream Analytics to surface both structured and unstructured data in Power BI, in near real time. NZ Software can help you minimize ongoing investment while future proofing your data-driven solutions.

04. Data Platform

NZ Software ensure your data is always decision ready with our extensive and practical knowledge of enterprise data platform technologies. Whether you are integrating multiple data sources into a single relational model, automating data storage and processing into the cloud / on premise or building powerful, flexile data service layers. NZ Software BI solutions have the analytical and engineering expertise to solve your most difficult data challenges.

Analytics Solutions For Your Whole Organization

  1. Your whole business on one dashboard: With Power BI on the web, monitor your important data from across your organization and from all of the apps you rely on.
  2. Create stunning interactive reports: Power BI Desktop gives you tools to transform, analyze, and visualize data. Share reports in seconds with your organization using Power BI on the web.
  3. Consistent analyzing across your organization With SQL Server Analysis Services you can easily build robust, reusable models over your data to provide consistency across reporting and analysis in your organization and easily embed BI and analytics in your app, and deliver stunning interactive reportsing your app with the Power BI Embedded service.


In less than five minutes you can start creating personalized dashboards and reports on your data using natural language and drag-and-drop gestures to fine answers to your most important questions.


Excel spreadsheets, on-premise data sources, Hadoop datasets, streaming data, and cloud services: Power BI integration brings together all your data so you can start analyzing it in seconds.


From Finance to Sales to Operations (and more), Power BI makes it easy for your department to unite your data and share new insights. View our report showcase to see how Power BI can be a part of your team.